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Searching the Portal is simple. Simply select from the dropdown box which kind of search you'd like to do, type in the keyword you want to search by, then press submit. For example, if you'd like to search for a tag like 'Conferences' select 'tag' from the dropdown, type in 'Conferences' then press submit. You can search through link titles and link URLs. You can also search through the Portal's extensive database of tags, authors, or institutions.
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ADVANCE Listserve

This mailing list is for the use of the ADVANCE PIs, Directors, and Program Developers. It will enable us to share best practices, helpful web sites and programs, discuss common goals, etc. You can subscribe here.

ADVANCE Indicators Toolkit

The methods and procedures outlined in this toolkit will help you to meet the NSF reporting requirements. The appendix tables and charts can be used as templates for preparing your own tables. more

Program Evaluation Toolkit

This toolkit will help provide guidance for program evaluation and help with making effective presentations based on quantiative data collection. more